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We often think about marketing from the business side of things. We consider how our money is best spent to reach the maximum amount of customers, how often we post to Facebook in order to keep our brand recognizable, and how to balance how long our newsletters should be so as to get people to actually read them instead of trashing them. But what if we flipped the perspective and asked, “What does the customer want from us?”

In today’s digital age, one answer to that question is interconnectivity. People now expect everything on-demand, no matter where they are or which platform they are currently using. To address this desire, Cognier uses an “omnichannel” approach. We help your business survey the digital landscape and point out where you can further connect with your customers. Gone are the days when a simple website will suffice. Now, companies should have, in addition to that website, a firm footing in social media, email newsletters, personalized member accounts, and up-to-date analytics about each customer, so as to better serve their needs.

In essence, companies need to know their customers as much as possible. Not in the aggregate, but on an individual, personal level. The customer wants to feel like the company they are buying from takes their wants and needs seriously, almost like they are the only customer that matters. So, for instance, say a customer enters your brick-and-mortar store and makes a few purchases. Later, when that same customer visits your website, it makes a huge impact when they are greeted with evidence that your company knows what they bought and that you want to help them find related products or assist them with the products they bought earlier that day.

Now more than ever, the customer wants to feel like they have a personal relationship with the people they are buying from. And while the days of saying “I got a guy” for every conceivable purchase are long gone, Cognier can help your business take omnichannel steps that will make your customers feel like they still have that personal relationship.

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