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Clear, comprehendible scoring and recommendations, on a minute-by-minute timescale and utilizing far more data than was ever previously available, is why Automated Data Science is the future, and a future that’s only months away. We’ve written about the avenues that businesses now have available to them in order to reach and engage their customers. The real question is, why aren’t more companies leaping into these exciting new fields? In a word, momentum. Their methods are outdated, relying on old-fashioned, in-house and third party marketing teams. But whether by lack of awareness of the options, or lack of courage to try something new, these companies are missing out in three major ways - volume of data, understanding of that data, and the relatively lightning-fast reception of both of those. Automated Data Science is the next revolution in marketing analytics.

Why is AI-automation so important? The most obvious factor is time. In order to stay competitive, you have to constantly follow the market, track your competitors, and know your customers. And the key is to do all of those things simultaneously and do them better than everyone else. However, in-house marketing departments and contracted marketing firms are slow-moving glaciers; they take an immense amount of time to do all of that research and submit a report full of recommendations. By the time these reports are issued, much of their information is already out of date, and as such, a whole new report is needed, wasting tons of money and time.

The crazy thing is that even those expensive, manually-crafted reports are lacking insight. There is so much data that can be scraped from every inch of your social media interactions, emailing campaigns, and website traffic. And then when you factor in the data that can be collected about your competitors, you have the recipe for the kind of in-depth analysis that companies even five years ago could only imagine.

But who is going to do that analysis? There is such an enormous glut of information, it would take a team of people working around the clock to keep up with it, and even then, you would only get brief glimpses of the full picture before it shifted again, like a never-ending kaleidoscope. But an automated system can process the data in a fraction of the time, and then give you exactly what you, the business owner, can understand. Simple, easy to process number scores and recommendations.

“Your Twitter account has a score of 57 out of 100 compared to your rival, who has a score of 82. They have seen success posting in the mornings rather than the evenings. Your website traffic has a score of 39 compared to an industry average of 45. Offering an online-only discount every month could easily push you over the top of 50.”

Why is the new era of automation important? The day in, day out pain of doing things manually. Data on demand, analyzed, ads - automated data science

Your approach is outdated! How much data are you missing? Wake up!

It is the age of full automation, where you can conduct your banking without ever seeing the inside of a bank, you can order your fast food food without talking to the person behind the counter, and you can sell things over the internet without ever seeing your customers’ faces. But one of the things that is still done manually is marketing, and this is often the bottleneck of a company.

What happens when someone comes along and automates that process? Suddenly, you are getting instant feedback, an automated “finger to the wind” that tells you where to put your money right this second, not six months ago. It would be a game-changer. Not only would it give the early adopters an incredible edge for the first few years, but once everyone catches up, it would revolutionize the marketing industry and no one would be safe sticking with the old “marketing firm” method.


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