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You are the CEO of a medium-size business. Before you lies two doors, each leading to your marketing future.

The door on the left leads to a conference room full of marketing specialists. They are your crack team of great minds, tasked with giving you all of the information you need in order to figure out your next campaign and the way to allocate your next quarterly marketing budget. Above all, you need these people to help you determine your company’s direction. the big “What Next?”

The door on the right leads to your Chief Marketing Officer’s office, where he sits alone at his computer.

All of the same questions remain. What does your company need to do next? Where should you be shunting your marketing budget for maximum effect. How effective was your most recent advertising campaign? Which of your products are selling better this quarter? But now, instead of a room full of highly-paid, in-house marketing specialists, all you have is your CMO and his laptop. And on that computer you have an AI-powered, automated CRM dashboard.

The left door offers you a room full of people. But let’s truly analyze what that team brings to the table. First off, even the best team of human beings in the world are still just human. There are so many analytics data points at any given time for any given company, it can literally take weeks to merely sift through it all in order to get to the useable information. That’s not even planning, it’s simply finding the information in order to begin planning. If it took you two months to even find, sort, and comprehend the data, how are you supposed to come up with a genius marketing plan with information that’s already old news?

The next problem with that team? They commit errors. In their rush to give you the fastest, best answers, they’ll cut corners, they’ll leave things out, they’ll make guesses, they’ll wishfully think their numbers into supporting conclusions that just don’t add up. These aren’t willful acts, they are just what happens when you overwhelm a room full of people with the task of being all-knowing when that’s not humanly possible.

But there are some willful acts those same people can and do commit. They will tell you what they think you want to hear. They will explain how their previous marketing recommendation was actually a success (it wasn’t) and how you’ll only see the full results if you double-down on it (you won’t). They will subconsciously do everything they can to justify the existence of their jobs, such as making things more technical or complicated than it needs to be (and with all that data, how could you ever prove otherwise?).

So, exhausted by the numerous pitfalls that come with hiring a room full of people to crunch those numbers for you, you turn to door number two. What does the AI-powered CRM do (and not do) for you? The first and most important thing is that it can process all that data - thousands upon millions of datapoints, in a split second. What once took months, now takes about as long as Google search. Also, unlike with that marketing team, AI loves more data; it can’t get enough. And all without complaints of being overworked, to boot.

Another nice thing about the AI? It has no vested interest. It will give you exactly what the data shows -no more, no less. Every time you open that dashboard back up, it’s a fresh start, a new beginning, a new market landscape. Every time, it’s a simple “this needs to be better, this is working great, this campaign failed, this other campaign exceeded expectations.”

Finally, the AI never asks you to “trust me.” Everything it shows you and recommends is 100% supported by the data. There are no leaps of faith required. This is science, not art. Math, not poetry. And if the data says “go”, you can be certain that pulling the trigger is not something where you have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Rather, it’s an automatic response based on fact and your mind can rest easy.

Need I even ask the ultimate question here? Which door do you choose to go through?

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