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When you look at your company’s analytics, often times, it’s just a mess of data. You might see how many people you are reaching with this or that Facebook post, how many people visit your website per month, or what countries they are coming from, but is that information really helping you? Most of the time, all one can really do with that is to stare at it and think, “Well, it’s interesting that my product seems mildly popular in Estonia.” But the real question is how to turn all those disparate data points into actionable pieces of knowledge.

We at Cognier seek to go beyond the usual info-dump that other analytics services offer. Anyone can give you numbers and stats but who is actually helping you make sense of it? With our Cognier Net Factor (CNF) service, you won’t have to worry about being lost in the digital forest any longer.

CNF looks at all of the analytics data and makes sense of it for you. It analyzes your actions, measures it against your competition and reach, especially those that are more successful in your field, and gives you a score (kind of like a credit score). But beyond a simple score, CNF will tell you how you can do better. How many Facebook posts are you making per month? How does that compare to your competition? Are those posts reaching the widest and most potentially engaged audience? What can you do to change any of this? And most importantly, what’s the best way to turn your efforts into increased revenue?

What used to be swamp of blindingly unusable data will suddenly become a series of signposts, directing you towards the next profitable steps. Because Cognier isn’t simple another analytics service. We are your marketing partner, and CNF is yet another tool that we provide to continuously take your business to that next level.

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