Plans for organizations of any size

Lilypads takes a simple approach to pricing. First pick the tailor package that contains the features your sales and marketing team needs to achieve peak performance, then select the Revenue Stack Intelligence that include the reports that support your use case. Finally, choose Daydream to quickly develop customized analyses which prescribe recommended strategies to answer all of your business's unique questions.


Choose RSIRevenue Stack Intelligence



Our engines scale with your business. The more sophisticated your operations function, the more advanced features we pack into your engine.

  • Prescribe Recommended Strategies Daydream tells you the best recommended performance strategy to take base on your business goals and objective
  • Logic Tree decisioncompany booking, logic and decisions – how business process works for your business
  • Historical Trending
  • Custom Configurations
  • Multicurrency: Company level
  • Multiple Data connectors (Stacks)
  • Login as another user
  • Access provisioning system
  • Custom Alternative Values
  • Sandbox Portal
  • Tactical Attribution ModelThis can tell you which touch points is beginning the funnel, which touchpoints are supporting and which are final converting.
  • Tactical Timeline
  • Event sensitively
  • Access to mobile appsTrack recommended performance strategies no matter where you are
  • Unlimited
  • Online phone support
  • Specific Account manager


Customize and powerful
to grow as you grow


Extra flexibility and infrastructure support for larger organizations


Mix and match Daydream packages to design a tailored reporting solution. Choose from Sales stacks, CRM stacks, Social stacks, Content Management stacks, Email stacks, paid media stacks and many more Or, get them all- for what is our complete Revenue Stacks Intelligence (RSI)

Sales Stacks Intelligence

Daydream intelligence marketing cloud decision engine recommends strategies from your sales stacks. It includes variations of strategies and action you will need to move your business forward.

Customers Relationship Management Intelligence Stacks

Get complete visibility into your CRM performance and draw upon countless strategies from Daydream to book more meetings and source more (and better) deals.

Social Intelligence Stacks

Daydream aligns sales and social to help them grow revenue together by tracking leads through your entire funnel in one place while breaking down and processing social and sales strategies to you.

Content Management Intelligence Stacks

Align attribution model with content management to have a greater idea of how to engage with your customers through their path way. Understand how customers make purchases and how your unique customers interact with your content by pulling upon highly recommended strategies from Daydream.


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